Your reliable partner in vet medicine

Improving animal welfare is, and has always been, at the centre of EICKEMEYER®’s philosophy. Since our foundation in 1961, veterinarians have benefited from our vast experience in the field of veterinary science. By exchanging knowledge and expertise with veterinary professionals from all around the world, we constantly develop new products.

These are tested in clinical practice to ensure that only the best remain in our portfolio. Therefore we can offer solutions that meet your individual demands and guarantee the highest quality at a reasonable cost.

Central idea

"We inspire vets to improve the life of animals." – Animal welfare is at the heart of all our products and decisions.


Due to our specialisation in medical technology for veterinary surgeons we have acquired the know-how to effectively assist you in your daily clinical work. 

Quality at a fair price

We source globally to provide veterinary surgeons with the best possible quality and value.